Truth Byte #3:

Truth Byte #3:

“You probably do need help after all.”

I am tired of people telling me they are fine when they are so clearly NOT fine

Your marriage is breaking apart at the seams. That equals not fine. 

You are grumpy when you start work, and grumpy after you're done. That equals not fine. 

The only time you can relax is after you have had a drink or two, and only if it's a long weekend. That equals not fine. 

We are a nation of unhappy people masquerading as “fine”.  And I am here to call bullshit.

You see, no one taught you how to be happy. They taught you how to get all the answers right on a test, or have a grand wedding, or give a moving presentation that made people laugh and cry. But they did not teach you what to do when that little nagging voice wakes you up in the middle of the night saying: “there’s still more to do and you are never going to get it all done before you die.”

Many of us in our professional lives hit a point where we start asking the question what is it really all for? We realize that we are putting in a lot more than we are getting out, and the things that supposedly matter the most, the people in our lives, are a hazy fourth or fifth in the list of priorities. 

At that point, some of us decide to work more from home, or switch careers, or take more holidays. But rarely do we ever solve that problem of how to actually be happier.  

The reason: no one taught us about how to do well at the thing that matters the most: human relationships. Sure, you may be a charmer, but do you really feel they would love you if they knew about all your flaws? The thing is, most of us need help in this area. We are children walking around in grown up bodies, trying to be liked (or at least not get bullied), and most of us have no idea how to demonstrate to those that matter to us that they really do matter to us while still being successful and making money.

There are those that can help. There are people who have studied you, and how your mind works, and even how your heart works. They know how to repair your broken marriage, bring a smile to your grumpy face, and help you relax without changing your brain chemistry and damaging your liver. 

It will take work.  It will take effort. It will take you being willing to admit that you really don’t know how to do any of this because you didn’t get your Ph.D. in Psychology while building your empire.  But there are people who did.  And we are here to help.  All you have to do is ask.

Dr. Saira Sabzaali

Dr. Saira Sabzaali

Dr. Saira (she/her) provides mental health support through individual counselling, groups, immersive workshops/courses, and free educational content. Over the last 14 years, we have helped men and women of many backgrounds find answers to their questions about work, life, love, and meaning. Much mainstream psychology overlooks spirituality, family values, and community context, so we have decided to specialize in serving clients who are ready for change and also want to include their cultural values and spiritual beliefs into therapy.

You don't need to carry this pain forever.

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